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Ready made solutions

We tailor a portfolio to your personal situation because one-size does not fit all.



Build your own castle

We help you project your income, savings and wealth performance over time.



Test your abilities and build understanding

Compare our suggested portfolio performance to your own creation and challenge friends.



Compete and interact with friends

Share your portfolio on social media and setup an investment challenge among friends.

How does it work?

Get a fast forward tour through the mechanics


Personal Characteristics

Provide us with a small number of personal characteristics, so that we can find a portfolio that is tailor-made for you.


Computer optimization

Based on cutting edge economic/financial modeling the individual-specific portfolio composition is tailored to your personal characteristics.


Investment Committee

Experts from academia, international financial institutions, and capital markets sit together and chose the portfolio composition.


The right balance

The appropriate combination of computer based optimization with experts’ know how than provide you with a properly balanced and tailored advice

About our team

Collecting knowledge from all sources

Providing appropriate financial guidance requires a consolidation of knowledge and experience from very different fields. Because investment guidance is about more than handing out portfolio suggestions. It is about offering financial planning support and helping you understand how consumption and saving decisions as well as your risk preference and time horizon impact your future wealth. Therefore financial engineers, economists, IT developers, and capital market specialists joined forces to provide top notch guidance.

Academic Excellence

Standing on the “broad shoulders of giants” demands high technical skills. That is why our economists and financial experts come from the best universities worldwide.

Economic Insight

Our team of experts bundles experience from leading academic and policy making institutions. In order to combine historic patterns with appropriate future expectations.

Market Experience

Understanding the complexity of financial markets, its herd behavior and sentiment can best be done through people from inside.
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Why tailoring matters?

One size does not fit all

  • The ability to carry financial risk changes over your lifetime.
  • Current income and wealth are key inputs when deciding how much to save.
  • The willingness to accept portfolio volatility or risk is very individual.

Boost returns by avoiding high advisory fees

Let technology work in your favor

Illustrative expected returns from different strategies, when starting with $100,000

A commonly used long-run historic average performance of 6.5% for a well diversified portfolio is used as the market return. By deducting an expected average cost ratio of 1.6% for actively managed funds from the market return rate, the expected yearly return rate of 4.9% is obtained for mutual funds. Saving account returns are based on US Treasury yield curve.

We have evolved out of academic interest

Improving financial literacy and enabling the wider public to good and independent investment support has been a guiding principle in this project. So far we have been able to provide this service for free.

Enjoy it while it lasts!